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About Us

So, you actually came to read me? Oh my god, BRB, crying......

Hello, I am Prerna, the creator of Shop Savvy. I create and curate designs of my favourite anime, series, music artists, kpop artists and turn them into T-Shirts, Woila !!

The idea of it all was born 2 years ago when I was just a student sitting in my room trying to find few THE OFFICE T-Shirts and couldn't find one.

And then one day I was painting Naruto and I thought how cool would it look on a T-Shirt, right? And I thought why not?

I love pop culture references and merchs, and then I went like, lets create few ourselves, shall we?


And thus; we have, Shop Savvy with us ladies and gentlemen !!

I hope y’all find what you’ve been looking for in our little store. Thank You

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